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My novels form the Maverick Hearts Collection, because all are about maverick women who follow their hearts. Each walks her own path, no matter the cost, until she finds her place and destiny. Only then does she also find her soulmate. He might travel with her at times along her journey, but the two can’t form a lasting romantic partnership unless their individual choices lead them to the same place.

While the stories share the maverick theme, each takes place in a different era and location, and borrows tropes from different genres.

Wild Heart is a vintage romance centered around horses, set on Cape Cod, Mass., and in upstate New York hunt country in 1975.

Cosmic Heart blends romantic suspense and metaphysical mystery, set on a rock superstar’s private estate in the Vermont mountains at the turn of the millennium.

Killer Heart is an uncozy mystery, set in a small Vermont hilltown around 2015.

The books themselves have their own maverick stories, too.

Wild Heart was born in a scribbled notebook during my horse-crazy, boy-crazy teens. It went through many iterations over many years and was finally published as Into the Sunrise by Wild Rose Press (2015). Then, when that contract expired and my rights reverted, I self-published it with a new title and cover as an equestrian romance. The versions are identical in content except for minor corrections.

Cosmic Heart arose during my office years, when I was fascinated by supernatural phenomena and New Age philosophies. One summer, during a company shutdown when only a skeleton staff was on duty, I banged out the first draft on my word processor when nobody was looking. Several versions later, it was published digitally as The Möbius Strip Tease by Club Lighthouse Publishing (2009); and, like with Wild Heart, when the contract expired, I self-published the novel in both ebook and print, changing the title to The Aurora Affair (2013). To align it better with the other books in the collection, I retitled it again in 2023. All editions contain the same content, save for some editorial tweaks and updated front/back matter.

Killer Heart sprang into being almost spontaneously in response to culture shock from moving from suburban Connecticut to rural Vermont. I published the novel independently in 2019 without taking the traditional route first. It lends itself to a series so I’m working on book 2, tentatively titled Tiger Heart.

All three novels are available online in paperback and ebook. See the individual title tabs for more information about the stories, and how to order.

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