Cosmic Heart


How do you harness extrasensory powers you don’t believe in to fight an enemy you cannot see?

Madeline LaRue must answer this question—fast—because the fate of the world depends on her powers.

Until now, she’d thought her special vision was artistic talent enhanced by intuition between identical twins. And she’d thought her beauty, shared with twin sister Blanche, was luck of the genetic draw.

Instead they combine to make Madeline a lightning rod for the positive and negative forces battling for control of humanity as the millennium turns. Both forces need her as a conduit to Dru Montclair, a superstar musician and her sister’s soulmate. With his worldwide following, Dru can tip the balance toward good, but he needs Madeline as the catalyst to fully ignite his powers.

But Madeline can only help if she masters her own powers first. And that depends on whether she can identify her soulmate from the four men vying for her heart. If she chooses right, she will enable Dru to triumph. If she chooses wrong, she will drag the world down with her into a thousand years of darkness.


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The first edition of Cosmic Heart was published as an e-novel by Club Lighthouse Publishing as The Möbius Strip Tease and is no longer available in this form. The books are identical save for occasional single-word or phrase edits, and the English style changed from Canadian to American conventions.


The second edition of Cosmic Heart was published in print and ebook by Borealis Books as The Aurora Affair and has been retitled and some front and back matter updated. Otherwise the book is identical to the original.





“…be prepared for something different here, because Aurora Affair embraces elements of paranormal romance, supernatural mystery, and modern fantasy; yet refuses to neatly fit into any formula writing structure for these genres.”
—D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR
(full review at Donovan’s Literary Services)

“. . . Incorporating and meshing mathematics with metaphysics, romance and action, [this] is an exciting and engaging story. Taking the mythos of the lost city of Atlantis as its foundation, this story provides a little bit of everything, making it sure to please even the pickiest of readers. A unique storyline with interesting characters and an exciting plot, a sure-fire winner!”
—Bitten By Books
(full review at Bitten by Books)

“The true test of a good book is three fold. 1. Does it have an attention capturing beginning? 2. Does the middle of the book build the excitement? 3. Does the ending leave you satisfied and yet wanting a bit more? The Aurora Affair can answer yes to all three questions! Author Carolyn Haley offers readers a delightful romance that has a bit of an old fashioned feel to it. That by no means is meant to be a negative; on the contrary I find that style to be very satisfying. So with a combination of mystery, romance, and paranormal, this book promises it all and never hesitates to keep its promise.”
—Anne Boling, Readers’ Favorite (full review at Readers’ Favorite)

“I had a hard time putting it down!”
—Sarah MacKinnon Editing Services

“Haley’s characters are very believable, and the book kept me up late reading.”
—Erin Hartshorn, science fiction and fantasy author
(full review at Erin’s reviews of women SF&F authors)

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