Killer Heart


Her near miss at becoming a murderer helps Jane Brown find the person who really is …

Every day, the media remind Jane of global atrocities, injustice, and pollution. Heartsick and helpless to change anything, she fantasizes about assassinating the greedy, violent, and immoral individuals causing problems for all. But she can’t kill, not even kill herself to escape reality. She can only retreat to rural Vermont and do the one thing in her power to influence change: write inspirational adventure stories for girls. For that she needs monastic peace, but instead her darkest fantasy arrives at her doorstep. Someone is thinking globally but acting locally by slaying everyone in town who has harmed others for their own gain.

Nothing connects the crimes except the victims’ evil natures, and the only evidence exists in Jane’s mind. To her, the killer’s motive is transparent. However, being new to the community, she has no idea who might have the motive; and to help the police, she must expose her inner demons that she moved to Vermont to bury.

She’s most afraid to reveal her demons to her one remaining friend, Luce—a joyous extrovert—and Jane’s surprising new chance at love: the enigmatic postman, Ned. Alienating them would lose the only support Jane has to hold herself together. Ned and Luce, aware that Jane is fighting an internal war without knowing why, conspire to tug her back into caring involvement, believing that light is the only true weapon against darkness. Jane must learn this for herself by facing the killer and choosing between right and wrong when they are the same face in the mirror.



Available through Amazon at Carolyn Haley’s books.

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