“All it takes is one fateful day for Linny to lose her dreams of becoming a horse-riding champion and the love of her life. One dream she can tweak and begin again (the dream of horse-riding success); but the other—a healthy romance with one who won’t betray her—seems ever-elusive. And so Linny sets aside her longing for love in favor of horses, which seem like a much more achievable goal, in comparison.

“There’s only one problem with her newfound goal and rejection of romantic entanglements: love has a way of entering even the horse pen to ride away with one’s heart; and when she meets a stable boy with dreams, the entanglements begin again.

“Only this time it’s two love-shy individuals with their own powerful, different goals in life—both horse-oriented—which come together with a clash. In some ways they are perfect matches; in other ways, their paths in life seem quite different.

“One of the pleasures of Into the Sunrise lies in its exploration of how two very independent individuals change courses to stay true to their dreams while slowly evolving a love for one another. Another strength is the book’s attention to presenting romance as just one of the lures in each individual’s life. With such perspectives, depth is achieved—and under such a hand, attraction is tempered with realistic success, tragedies, strife, and mental compromises for both characters.

“While Into the Sunrise is most definitely a romance, it’s also a story steeped in horses, psychological twists and turns, and revelations that indicate how relationships past and present influence future choices: ‘Though I was dying to know what dear-old-daddy had done that could provoke my prince to violence, I didn’t want to sidetrack Con or have him clam up. Better to show I could respect his privacy, since he was clearly confiding, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know all the gritty truth.’

“Readers of horse stories, romances, and novels will find Into the Sunrise satisfyingly complex.”

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review (original review at Donovan’s Literary Services)


“Carolyn Haley brings the reader a realistic story of Linny Eagan’s recovery from both physical and emotional trauma. After Linny finds her fiancé with another woman, she loses her concentration while competing in an equestrian event and is thrown from her horse. Her family decides she should spend the summer recovering. She and her sister, Jona, are invited to stay in a house on Cape Cod with Jona’s fiancé and the host and owner of the house, Con Winston.

“Con is on his own emotional roller coaster. He stands to inherit a fortune if he does what his father demands. In the meantime, he’s earning a living by working as a trail leader on a horse ranch and isolating himself in his room to paint. He’s just trying to make it to his twenty-fifth birthday so he can settle down on a Montana ranch and paint for one of the local galleries.

“Linny and Con live in the same house and they’re just friends—at least that’s what they tell everyone. They both fight the urge to be more than that. Linny wants to get back to a place where she can fulfill her dream of being an equestrian champion and Con has his own plan to work on if he intends to receive his inheritance. Neither one wants the complication of a partner, so they go their separate ways for a while.

“Into the Sunrise deals with some real life issues—learning to trust and making some tough life choices. Haley developed characters who are thoughtful, believable and likeable.

“For me, the only downfall of the book was the setting of 1975. This book reads like a contemporary except for a few references to appliances (typewriter and landline phones). Although the year was stated at the beginning of the first chapter and the book was published in the Vintage Rose collection from The Wild Rose Press, I found each time a typewriter or landline phone was mentioned, it took me out of the story. Perhaps if more references to the year were employed, it would have felt more like a 1970s story. Overall, Haley delivered a story I can recommend to readers who enjoy a good romance.”

—Jackie McMurray, The Book Breeze (original review at The Book Breeze)


Into the Sunrise by Carolyn Haley is the story of Linnea Eagan (Linny), a woman who is bent on having a career with horses even though her family doesn’t agree. After a nasty fall that left her bruised, sore, and with a concussion, Linny must decide what to do with her life as she comes to accept that her relationship is over and that she might not have what it takes to be the champion she always dreamed of being. To make things even more difficult, Michael won’t take no for an answer and keeps popping up. Con evokes feelings in Linny that she doesn’t want to examine and that she feels she isn’t ready for, but no matter how she tries to run, Con keeps making things more difficult and forces Linny to examine the feelings she has for him. Dare she hope they can work through Con’s jumbled family ties and have a happily ever after with their horses by their sides?

Into the Sunrise by Carolyn Haley is a tale that could step off the pages and become reality. Full of the truth and heartbreak that happen in daily life, Into the Sunrise is a heartwarming story as one woman learns she’s stronger than she thinks and starts to fight for what she wants, despite not knowing if it will really work out. Beautiful imagery puts you right there with Linny as she rides one of her three favorite horses. I hope Carolyn Haley continues Linny’s tale in a sequel, as I’d love to know how the story really ends!

—April Gilly, Readers’ Favorite (original review at Readers’ Favorite)

Customer reviews at

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The Writer’s Ally


THE AURORA AFFAIR (orig. The Mobius Striptease)

“…be prepared for something different here, because Aurora Affair embraces elements of paranormal romance, supernatural mystery, and modern fantasy; yet refuses to neatly fit into any formula writing structure for these genres.”
—D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR
(full review at Donovan’s Literary Services)

“. . . Incorporating and meshing mathematics with metaphysics, romance and action, [this] is an exciting and engaging story. Taking the mythos of the lost city of Atlantis as its foundation, this story provides a little bit of everything, making it sure to please even the pickiest of readers. A unique storyline with interesting characters and an exciting plot, a sure-fire winner!”
—Bitten By Books
(full review at Bitten by Books)

“The true test of a good book is three fold. 1. Does it have an attention capturing beginning? 2. Does the middle of the book build the excitement? 3. Does the ending leave you satisfied and yet wanting a bit more? The Aurora Affair can answer yes to all three questions! Author Carolyn Haley offers readers a delightful romance that has a bit of an old fashioned feel to it. That by no means is meant to be a negative; on the contrary I find that style to be very satisfying. So with a combination of mystery, romance, and paranormal, this book promises it all and never hesitates to keep its promise.”
—Anne Boling, Readers’ Favorite (full review at Readers’ Favorite)

“I had a hard time putting it down!”
—Sarah MacKinnon Editing Services

“Haley’s characters are very believable, and the book kept me up late reading.”
—Erin Hartshorn, science fiction and fantasy author
(full review at Erin’s reviews of women SF&F authors)


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“Growing your own garden, raising the plants to maturity and then enjoying the spoils of your long, hard, arduous labors can create quite the sense of accomplishment in you – it can almost be explained as enlightening. Open Your Heart with Gardens: Mastering Life Through Love of Plants is here to help those who seek this sense of accomplishment and enlightenment achieve those very feelings using the hobby of gardening. Promoting tips on how you can benefit from gardens emotionally even if it isn’t your own, the unusual quirks of gardening, and the other benefits the garden can promote for its’ gardeners. Open Your Heart with Gardens: Mastering Life Through Love of Plants is highly recommended for both self-help and gardening community library collections, and for any amateur gardener hoping to get something intangible yet invaluable out of their gardens.”
—Midwest Reviews

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